Finding Reliable Sources of Alpha
for Long-Term Equity Investors

We live in an era of unprecedented change. The World Economic Forum predicts that, amongst other significant disruptors, digital transformation alone will bring a $100 trillion economic opportunity to industry and society over the next decade. Big opportunity often comes on the back of major upheaval. Witness the fact that, over the past 20 years, 52%1 of the Fortune 500 list have gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist.

In this era of change, being passive is not the answer—principled active management informed by deep insight allows us to cut through market noise and make long-term investments based on the highest conviction. Download the TrueSight Report to discover institutional investment strategies designed to drive a sustained source of alpha with built-in downside protection. Learn how you can:

  • Take advantage of long-term thinking and forecasting and invest with a vision of the future
  • Diversify risk without needing to mimic or match an index
  • Benefit from the powerful combination of portfolio concentration and long-term holdings

To learn more about TrueSight Investing, contact:

Robin Lacey, Head of Institutional Asset Management
Brian Holland, Senior Vice President
Gregory Chai, Vice President


1. Disrupting Digital Business, Ray Wang, 2015

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